What does a diet contain?

A plan to lose weight or to increase muscle mass contains the food plan, suggestions for physical movement, a list of foods as well as various tips adapted according to the case. All diets are personalized and differ, being adapted for the individual depending on the answers to the questionnaire on the website.

Is it recommended to follow the diet I received?

Yes, but only with the consent of the specialist doctor. We are not responsible for any complications that may arise.

How is a diet personalized?

Our application includes an AI script that generates the diet based on the answers provided in the questionnaire on the website. For maximum accuracy, we recommend that you answer the questions on the website as honestly as possible.

What do I do if I can't lose weight even with this diet?

It is possible that it is a complication or even a health problem, in this case a consultation with a nutritionist is recommended.

Ce perioada de timp dureaza o dieta personalizata ?

In functie de caz, minim 30 de zile si maxim 6 luni. In general dietele sunt generate pentru o perioada de 30, 60 sau 90 de zile. Noi recomandam permanent mentinerea unui stil de viata sanatos. Daca ati terminat de urmat dieta si ati ajuns la rezultatele promise nu este recomandat ca apoi sa aveti un stil de viata nesanatos.

How long does a personalized diet last?

Depending on the case, a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 6 months. In general, the diets are generated for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. We always recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you have finished following the diet and have reached the promised results, it is not recommended that you then have an unhealthy lifestyle.

How much does a diet cost?

The price of a diet varies depending on the case and its duration. Rates are displayed after generating your individual report.

I paid, how do I receive the diet?

Immediately after making the payment, you are automatically directed to your account on the website. There you have access to its content. In parallel, in order not to access the website daily, you will receive an SMS with a link every day (in the morning). By accessing the respective link, you have access to the diet plan for the current day as well as the shopping list for the next period. Also, the daily plan can be sent by email to the account address. See the NOTIFICATIONS section of your account for more options.

I am not satisfied with the diet, what should I do?

In the event that the diet is not to your liking, the amount paid can be returned in full. We recommend that you contact us using the contact form on the website and request a return. Benefit from the right of return for 30 days.

Can the amount paid for my diet be returned?

Yes. The amount can be fully returned within 30 days. We recommend that you request a return by accessing the contact section on the website. We will answer you as soon as possible by email. Also, the bank transfer takes approximately 1-3 working days, depending on the bank you work with.

Is support provided to make it easier to understand the diet plan?

Yes. You can contact us at any time by accessing the contact form on the website. We are with you with great pleasure and support your choice to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle.