Zasady i warunki

The diets are informative and are simple recommendations made automatically by the application for each individual user depending on their answers to the questions in the questionnaire.

We do not assume any legal responsibility if the diet does not work or if the user has various health problems because of it, the user must be aware that he can follow a diet only if it is recommended by a nutritionist after a consultation in detail.

In no case should you follow a diet recommended by the application or any other diet found on the Internet for free without its approval by a nutritionist.

The user agrees that no guarantee is given that following the diet he will be able to lose weight. The user agrees that the diet is not perfect, but only an approximate recommendation, and an exact diet can only be prescribed by a nutritionist doctor, and even in many cases without any results.

The user of the application assumes all the responsibilities that a diet implies.

It is strictly forbidden to publish the diet recommended by the application because it is possible for someone else to follow it by mistake without a written approval from the doctor.